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About Us

My name is Renyole A. Poteau, my first name pronounces Ren-Yole.I have worked in customer service for years, I was a bridal stylist for over a year, I currently have a bachelor’s in social work, and a minor in Criminal justice. I am passionate about uniqueness, good quality, bargaining products, helping others, health and wellness. I believe that every individual should feel uniquely beautiful, and confident inside out. I believe that wellness starts in the mind, and it projects exteriorly with fashion and style of choice. Helping others was always part of me but I just did not know how I wanted to do such until reality suddenly hits me. As I was searching for a passion that was right under my nose the entire time. Thus, I got inspired to use the constant compliments from individuals about my outfits or jewelry pieces and more to open my own business. Derived from my two children’s name; Chelstin’s Wonders LLC is a Florida based woman owned business. I aim to provide high quality, and affordable trendy merchandise like jewelry pieces, shoes, miscellaneous and clothing of the season to quench customers’ classy fashion, beauty or fitness thirst into reality. All the jewelry pieces are 18k filled gold, non-tarnish/water resistant which make them durable. The shoes are delicately made for my customers, so they experience comfort. The fitness items are here to help customers feel their best. Overall, Chelstin’s Wonders LLC is here to turn your wonders into reality and help you focus on your wellness and positively impacting the community.

In addition, on helping customers to find a sense of style or fitness which they did not know that they had; I cherish the dream to sponsor or to run a young adult mentoring program. This program will help adolescents to reach their full potential while defeating the stigma of life such as broken home, loneliness and more. As my business finances increases, I plan to eventually have a physical store few years down the road. While participating in sale events, more individuals have approached me to assist their businesses with fashion advice or to host parties for them. This leads me to think about ways to positively impact my community. I take pride in providing the best quality of experience to my customers as keeping you happy and satisfying your desire are my top priority. Also, with every purchase, I am one step closer to positively impacting the community as I will financially be able to mentor and support young adults in need. Browse my store for a breath-taking experience, follow my social media for daily news about the store and don’t forget to join my e-mailing list at the bottom of the page for deals and more.